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Chamberlain, Peace in Our Time

Edinburgh Fringe

"The biggest surprise is that there's a live singer on stage – performing crowd-pleasing classics like The White Cliffs Of Dover, and a smattering of less familiar tunes. The pretext is that the BBC are playing light entertainment while they wait to cross to Downing Street, and there's a satisfying irony in this "light and positive" backdrop to the preparations for war. But this is really just an excuse for actor Colin Alexander to show off his singing skills, and worthy of showing-off they certainly are: instantly nostalgic, richly resonant and musically strong."

- Edinburgh Fringe Guru

Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy

Edinburgh Fringe

"Leeson and Alexander work well together, the former demonstrating his obvious love and knowledge of the duo, while Alexander shows off a rafter-shaking singing voice which would pull in punters even without the Laurel and Hardy draw.​​"

- Steve Stratford Reviews

Santa + Mr. Greenway
Elf the Musical | Arvada Center (2021)

As both Santa and the Scrooge-Esque Mr. Greenway, Colin Alexander is a lovely storyteller. I really enjoyed the opportunity to see an actor play multiple roles and uniquely capture the differences between the two."

Jon Bee, Broadway World

Prince of Egypt 


"Standout performers include Gabriela Carrillo in the role of Moses’ sister Miriam and Colin Alexander as Jethro. Both have powerhouse voices and deliver gorgeous solo songs."


- Front Row Reviewers Utah

Elf the Musical

Arvada Center

"Colin Alexander plays two roles. He is a jolly and kind Santa; and a less-than jolly and less-than-kind, Mr. Greenway."


- Colorado Theater Reviews

Chamberlain, Peace in Our Time

Edinburgh Fringe (2019)

"Within the cosy confines of Greenside's Emerald Theatre, standing in for a BBC studio in the autumn of 1939, the audience are regaled with the rich baritones of Colin Alexander, with the promise that the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, will shortly be addressing the country live on the radio. Meanwhile, Chamberlain himself, is counting down the minutes till he must deliver the fateful news that Britain is about to be plunged once more into war.

- British Theater Guide 

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